Concerned about mold, but don’t want to break the bank? Let’s discuss the possible ways to get a mold inspection and possible remediation if you have an issue.

Mold inspectors can be specialized, generalized or be a remediation company which reflects cost. It would be recommended to have a third-party (that is separate from a remediation company) inspect for mold. The reason behind this is to ensure you are not being “sold” on remediation when you possibly do not need it.

The most common mold inspection is through a home inspection company. Home inspectors are known to be unbiased, and therefore, they give truthful and professional advice on what to do next if they do discover a problem. The cost of these inspections depend on the type and how long it takes to discover the problem. Here are the possible ways you could be charged:

Mold Air/Swab Sampling Cost

Some inspectors charge a rate of about $125.00 to inspect plus $75/sample to actually do the testing. Ultimately, it depends on the size of the home as if there is more space to cover, the inspector will have to take more samples. You can expect to pay out $350.00 on an average sized home (1800sq ft). The air sampling equipment can be expensive, therefore, expect to pay out $75/additional sample. By the end of the testing an inspector can generally give you advice on next steps and a few days later a report will be ready as to the results of the samples taken.

Mold Protocols and Remediation

Even though you have a mold inspection/report completed that shows an ongoing mold issue inside your home, you will have to pay for a mold assessor to write protocols followed by remediation company to complete the repairs. Ultimately, either the mold inspector or the remediation company has a mold assessor they work with so, it is covered. Mold remediation depends on the size of the problem. Price of remediation ranges from a few hundred dollars (a small issue) to a few thousand dollars. The cost of remediation depends on the parts of the home that are affected and how long remediation takes. During remediation, expect to have to stay clear of the area.

Paying out through Home Owners’ Insurance

It is important to discuss your options with your home insurance agent. In most cases, you will have to pay your deductible or pay for costs upfront with reimbursements later on. Often times, your remediation company can work with you and your insurance company on payment. Be sure to discuss costs upfront with your remediation company. They should deliver a clear and accurate estimate before any work is completed.

How much should you budget

For a mold inspection, it is recommended to allot about $400 for the average sized home. Although the average payout is about $350, budgeting for more is important to ensure you have a quality inspector.

Remediation can be difficult to estimate due to the various situations that could occur. A mold inspector can help you estimate cost at the end of his/her inspection.

If you have any questions about mold inspection cost, be sure to reach out to us. We are happy to assist!

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