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Home Inspection Clermont, FL

Learn about our Home Inspections in Clermont, FL and surrounding areas

What does a home inspection include?

A home inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home. We do our best to look at all components of the home that can be accessed. Take a look at the components we will examine during a quality home inspection.


Detailed reporting on the type of roof, the age, any damage, and if the roof life is minimal.


Is the paint failing? Are there any repairs? Are the windows properly sealed? We examine all areas of the exterior that can be seen.

Foundation & Structure

With our expertise in home construction, we look at the foundation with a wholistic viewpoint to find any signs of failure.


We check outlets, lights, electrical panels, grounding, and much more? Electrical safety is a top priority.


Sinks, toilets, showers/tubs, faucets, type of plumbing, water heater, and more! Our experience helps us find leaks more than the other guys!

Air Conditioning

We check to make sure the system is cooling/heating properly, the condition of the ductwork, age of the system, any damage, and more.


A home is much more than just systematic components. By examining all interior walls, we can find water intrusion or defects that other inspectors can easily miss.


Yes we go in the attic! Insulation, truss systems, electrical, roof leaks, we will find it!

Prestige Standards of Practice by the:

Florida Association of Building Inspectors

It is difficult to fully explain all components we look at. If you have a question about your home, feel free to call us to ask! Furthermore, you look at FABI for more information about our standards of practice! This organization has the leading inspectors in the State of Florida.

About Our Home Inspections

Atkinson Inspections provides professional home inspections, commercial inspections, wind mitigation inspections, four point inspections in Central Florida. We come highly recommend by home buyers and real estate agents, and with over 20 years of experience, we promise an excellent job, exceptional customer service, and attention to detail! Our detailed inspections come with easy to read reports too. So if you are buying a residential or commercial property, Atkinson Inspections is at your service. Schedule an inspection today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is an examination of the condition of a property in areas such as structure and safety.  It is conducted by a certified and experienced home inspector who has met the qualifications of the state in which he/she lives in and follows the practices set forth by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

What Do Home Inspectors Look For?

Home inspectors are generalists will typically look at the structure of the home and all of its components.

This can include the following:

  • Grading, Driveway, Vegetation
  • Foundation & Structure
  • Crawlspaces & Attics
  • Siding & Exterior Components
  • Roof
  • Electrical System Including Outlets & Electrical Panels
  • Plumbing System Including Drains, Vents, Fixtures, Tubs, Showers, & Water Heaters
  • Air Conditioning/Heating System
  • Interior Components Like Cabinets, Countertops, Ceilings, Walls, & Floors

In Most Cases, all of inspectors findings from the above list can be broken into three categories:

  • Major Items: (foundation issues, roof leaks, plumbing leaks/backups, etc.)
  • Maintenance Items: (cleaning gutters, roof maintenance, etc.)
  • Minor Items (smaller, cosmetic issues)

Learn more in our blog post here.

Why Get a Home Inspection?

As we know, a home inspections are not required but are highly suggested. This home is a large investment and you want to make sure it is safe and habitable for many years to come. A buyer can look at a property and maybe notice a few things that don’t look right.

However, a certified and experienced home inspector can dig in deeper, knows what to look for, and finds out if the areas mentioned above are functioning well.

You don’t want any surprises when you try to get insurance on the home. Nor do you want issues when you move in and discover a big problem. A home inspection is definitely money well spent and will give you a peace of mind.

When Do You Schedule a Home Inspection?

Scheduling the home inspection right after a contract is on the home is the perfect time. However, you should be doing your research before this to find a certified and experienced home inspector.

The thought of trying to hire a cheap home inspector might have crossed your mind, but it is not a good idea. Cheap often means less experienced and not as thorough.

Also, as with appointments with any company, sometimes it takes a while to schedule. Researching for a good home inspector means looking on the ASHI and InterNachi sites for inspectors in your area, as well as Google reviews and recommendations from others.

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

An average home inspection can take about 2-3 hours. However, there are many factors that can determine the length of a home inspection. A home inspection may take longer if:

  • The home is large and there is only one inspector.
  • The home is in very poor condition.
  • The home is older.
  • Crawl spaces are blocked.
  • Poor weather limits accessibility to the outside.
  • There are requirements for add-ons by the insurance company.

A home inspection may not take as long if:

  • The space is smaller.
  • There are two or more inspectors.
  • There is easy accessibility to all areas on checklist.

Learn more in our blog post here.

Do You Provide Any Add-On Services For Insurance?

Yes, here at Atkinson Inspection Services, we provide 4-Point and Wind Mitigation Inspections, along with Termite Treatment.

  • 4-Point InspectionInsurance companies will require this if you are buying a home that is 30 years old or older. Sometimes homes as young as 10 years old require this too. This type of inspection covers a limited scope of A/C, roof, electrical, and plumbing. The price is about $50-100.
  • Wind Mitigation: An inspection that involves checking the home’s wind-resistant features. This is especially important in states that experience hurricanes and many states give huge discounts for this type of inspection.Protecting your family and valuables is something you can’t put a price tag on so this is definitely worth the cost and the time. This type of inspection is about $50-$100 as well.
  • Termite Treatment: A home that has a wood frame or concrete block would benefit from this type of inspection. Many homeowners may also have a Termite Protection on the home they are selling and this is a win-win if they do. This hopefully means that an inspector has been out regularly to the home to check for these organisms.The cost for pest inspection can range from $75-$200 with an average of around $95. If the home inspection company you hired doesn’t do these add on services, they can probably refer you to a company who does.

We also provide mold inspections and water testing.

Who Pays For A Home Inspection?

More often, the buyer pays for the home inspection and does this when making the appointment or on the day of the inspection. This depends on the preference of the company.

The reason the buyer pays for the home inspection is he/she is making sure the property is safe for the people who will be living in the home. Also the buyer wants to know that it is a good investment.

The buyer also chooses the inspector for the home and this will be someone who is an “outside” party who will give an objective and unbiased evaluation of the home.

If the seller paid for the inspection, the buyer wouldn’t know if it was a fair evaluation. This is because many home sellers wouldn’t want a list of repairs to appear on an inspection report.

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Took time to go over different aspects of the features and gave tips on how to conduct routine maintenance on features.

Lorenzo MatterhornGoogle Review

They did an inspection on a home that we had an accepted offer to purchase. Thanks to the inspection we are moving ahead with the purchase of the home. This is the second time I have used Atkinson and I would highly recommend their services!

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We contracted with Atkinson to perform our new house inspection before we closed on the house. They were on-time, very thorough and offered some suggestions that were not in their final report. We would definitely recommend them!!!

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