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Wind Mitigation Inspection Central Florida

Wind Mitigation Repaired Roof
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Wind Mitigation Inspection

A wind mitigation inspection can provide significant discounts on your homeowner’s insurance depending on what features the home has. Essentially, if your home has certain attributes to help it withstand high wind events, such as hurricanes, the state of Florida requires insurance companies to provide discounts for those attributes. Things we look for include roof shape, roof to wall attachments (straps or clips), secondary water resistance, doors, windows, and/or shutters that are designed to withstand high wind and projectiles, and more.

After the 2004 hurricane season, a 7 question form was created becoming a Florida standard and serving as the inspection’s report.  It is designed to give homeowner insurance discounts to homes that meet certain criteria.

Credits on Wind Mitigation Inspection Reports


House Age

You can qualify for a discount if your home is newer than March 1st, 2002.

Roof Age

You can qualify for a discount if your roof is newer than March 1st, 2002.

Roof Decking Nailing Pattern

If you have a newer roof, chances are you qualify for another discount based on nail size/pattern.

Roof to Wall Attachment

Depending on how your roof is tied down, you can qualify for the most substantial discount in home insurance.

Roof Geometry

If you roof has less than 10% of gables/flat features than you qualify for the Hip discount.

Roof Underlayment

If you roof has a peel and stick or SWR underlayment, this qualifies for a discount.

Opening Protection

If your house has shutters and all openings are covered with impact rated hardware, you qualify for a discount!

Do I Qualify For Insurance Discounts With Wind Mitigation?

If you have not already, you should speak with your insurance agent to see if you may qualify for additional insurance credits. In most cases, your insurance agent would have told you and asked for a wind mitigation inspection to be completed on your home since the inspection is required every 5 years.

You will want a new wind mitigation any time:

If you have any questions or are unsure if you qualify for Wind Mitigation discounts in Central Florida, give us a call and we would be happy to assist you!


Why Did I Lose Insurance Credits?

In some cases, homeowners may lose their wind mitigation insurance credits. This could be due to a form requirement update, or you had an inexperienced inspector complete your wind mitigation.

Atkinson Inspection Services in Central Florida, along with many other professional home inspectors, have found insurance credits being wrongly applied to homes. Ultimately, unprofessional inspectors may not understand the qualifications for certain credits and mark a home with credits the home does not have. Then, the insurance agent or professional home inspector later finds the mistakes.

Wind Mitigation High Winds
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Ty was great and helped us answer all of our questions! As first time home buyers, we felt very comfortable and got the results from our inspection within a matter of hours. Would definitely recommend Atkinson Inspection Services to others!

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Dwayne and Mona made the stress of buying a home so much easier. Dwayne made sure that we were aware of the issues he found with the 1951 built home. He personally showed us the good and bad problems he found in the house.

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