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Water Testing Clermont, FL

Servicing Clermont, Orlando, & The Villages

Water Testing Clermont, Orlando, & The Villages FL

How does water testing work?

We will take water samples at the source of incoming water. Whether you are on a well or city water, we can test.  Once the samples are collected we submit them to Lake County Water Laboratory. The testing of the samples usually takes 3-5 days but the lab only accepts samples Monday – Thursday from 8am – 4pm.

Can I Test My Own Water?

Of course anybody can test their own water.  The test itself cost about $125.  However, most mortgage companies will require the test be conducted by someone who understands the protocol and is unbiased to the results.  That is where we can help.

Who Needs Water Testing?

Anyone with a well should get their water tested regularly to ensure they have clean quality water.  It is recommended, at a minimum, annual testing to check for Coliform Bacteria.
If you are on city water you should be testing your water if you are concerned with the quality and condition of the water.
Most government backed loan(va,fha, or usda) will require you to get your water tested before receiving a loan. However, people everywhere are more inclined to get their water tested by an objective entity because the water quality in the municipal drinking supply has come into question in recent years.
Who Needs Water Testing in Central Florida?

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