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Termite Treatment Ocala, FL

Termite Verification

Do I Need a Termite Treatment

Before treating you have to be verify you have a termite infestation and not another wood destroying organism. You can do this by having us perform a Termite Inspection. Once verified, treatment can begin.

There are many ways to treat for termites. One way is to allow Atkinson Inspection Services and  Atkinson Pest Control, Inc. place bait stations for you. Atkinson Pest Control, Inc. prefers the Trelona ATBS annual bait station made by BASF.

What is a Termite Treatment

How do the Stations Work?

Each Trelona station is pre-filled with two compressed cartridges. We place a cartridge every 15 feet around the are of your home that is affected by the infestation. One case of 16 stations can treat approximately 240 linear feet.

The termites are more attracted to the bait in these stations than they are to the wood in your home and they find these stations quickly. Once the termites eat they return to the colony only to share with the rest of the termites, reducing the colony and protecting the structure of your home.

How Long do Trelona ATBS Stations Last?

The prefilled cartridges are designed to have enough bait to allow annual inspections of the stations. This will allow us to check the stations and replace the cartridges as needed. However, under ideal conditions, these station can last 2-3 years.

How Much Will This Treatment Cost?

The fee for this service is based on the perimeter of the structure being treated.  However, we have the most competitive pricing in Central Florida.

Termite Treatment

Serving Central Florida

Ocala is located in Marion County, FL. As of the 2020 census, the population was 63,591, making it the 54th-most populated city in the state of Florida. The city is home to over 400 thoroughbred farms and training centers. Ocala is known as the “Horse Capital of the World.”

Areas Available for a Termite Treatment

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Love All Coast, they are fast and friendly professionals! I have used them for more than one home and had a great experience every time.

Melisa JarisGoogle Review

Their service was outstanding. As a first time home purchaser our inspector was very through in helped us every step of the way. Their reports are very detailed as well. I really recommend giving them a quick call.

Erick NaterasGoogle Review

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