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Four Point Inspection Clermont, FL

If your home is 25 to 30 years or older, you will need a four-point. Four-point inspections in Orlando, Clermont, and surrounding areas covers the roof, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems, and tells the insurance company the liability they are taking on before they insure your home. Therefore, they may want some items updated.

Some insurance companies require four-point inspections as soon as 10 years old. In addition to 4-point inspection, wind mitigation inspections are also offered here at Atkinson Inspections. If you would like a full home inspection, or to just receive a a four-point inspection report, contact us today!


We will inspect and report on the general condition of the roof.


We will inspect and report on the general conditions of the electrical systems.


We will inspect and report on the overview of the plumbing of the home.


We will inspect and report on the condition of the air conditioning/heating.

Florida Roof Four Point Inspection

Roofing Section

In general, most insurance companies will want to see 3-5 years expected life left on the roof. Our home inspector will view the roof and the attic to look for roof leaks, roof damage, and other identifiers to estimate life expectancy.

Here is what we will be looking for:

  • Roof Age & Permitting
  • Expected Life
  • Damage
  • Repairs
  • Leaks
  • Other Items

Electrical Section

Our inspector will be viewing your main electrical panel and all distribution panels. The inspector will be looking for any unsafe wiring, such as, aluminum wiring, exposed wiring, frayed cloth wiring, scorching, etc.

Here is what we will be looking for:

  • Main Electrical & Distribution Panel Brands
  • Unsafe Wiring
  • Exposed Wiring
  • Updated Wiring/Panels from older models.
  • Aluminum Wiring
  • Other Items
Four Point Inspection Electrical
Four Point Inspection Plumbing

Plumbing Section

Atkinson Inspection will check for the type of plumbing distribution and waste systems you have, the water heater brand/age, if any leaks are present, and more. He will need access to all bathrooms and the kitchen.

Here is what we will be looking for:

  • Water Heater Age, Brand, & Condition
  • Sink drain leaks
  • Drainage System
  • Distribution System – Some systems are not insurable.
  • Toilet leaks
  • Other Items

HVAC Section

The inspector will view and report the working condition and age of your air conditioning and heating system. We will have to operate the heat, as well as, the air conditioning.

Here is what we will be looking for:

  • HVAC Age & Brand
  • Any damage to the surrounding area
  • Overall working condition of the system
  • Other Items
Four Point Inspection HVAC

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