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Warranty Inspection Clermont, FL

We Perform Warranty Inspections in Clermont, Orlando, & The Villages.

Get the most from your builder’s warranty, with a warranty inspection.

Includes all the features of a home inspection

Gives you peace of mind on your new home

We have inspected hundreds of new homes just like yours

We will find items for the builder to address


Warranty Inspection

What is a Warranty Inspection?

This inspection is just like a regular home inspection.  Our inspectors look for any defects or items that may have been missed during the build.  It’s the perfect opportunity to address any of the homeowner’s concerns. It really is the final chance to have any problems with the home repaired at the builder’s expense. We provide a report at the end of the inspection that gives the homeowner what they need to file a warranty claim for any repairs needed.  Take a look at this checklist.  You may find it very helpful.

How Much Does it Cost?

Just like the home inspection the cost of this inspection can differ.  There are a few different factors to take into consideration.  Possible factors could be the square footage, age of the home, or location.  Want to find out the cost of your inspection?  Let us give give you a quote.

Peace of Mind on Your New Home with Three Steps


Schedule Your Warranty Inspection

Our inspectors will find items your builder may have overlooked.

Electronic Report Delivery

After the inspection, we can deliver an electronic report on our findings.

Forward to your Builder

Forward our report to your builder for stress-free management!
Warranty Inspections

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