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Mold Testing & Inspections Orlando

We provide indoor air quality reports using a multitude of technological advancements.

Need Mold Testing in Orlando? Ask for a mold inspection.

Atkinson Inspections are water intrusion experts. Here is our mold testing process:


Schedule Your Mold Testing Appointment

Contact us to schedule your appointment. We will arrive as soon as possible with our advanced equipment.

Sample Mold Outside Your Home

Upon arrival, our inspectors will test the mold on the exterior first. This will serve as a control or baseline.

Throughly Inspect Key Home Components

This is where our inspectors will evaluate key systems to find evidence of excessive moisture. Areas include: HVAC, Roof, and Exterior.

Sample Air Inside Your Home

After taking a sample of the outside air, we will begin the process of taking air samples inside your home. This is to compare the quality of air versus the outside.

Sending Samples to the Lab

After inspection and air samples are taken, the samples will be sent to a laboratory for evaluation under a microscope. This can take a few days to process.

Report Results

Our office will receive the air quality report via email from our lab. We will go over the results and our inspection findings with you to discuss next steps for remediation if needed.

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