Are you planning to add a pool to your home this summer?  Or is your family asking to have a pool built so they can enjoy the summer heat in Clermont, The Villages, or Orlando?  Maybe you are buying a house with a pool already built or already have a home with a swimming pool.  Pool safety is important!  Follow these tips for a safe and fun time in your new family activity area!

Pool Safety Tips

Florida’s warm temperatures most of the year makes a swimming pool a great investment and adds value to your home.  It is an activity that doesn’t require packing up toys, driving anywhere or bringing back sand from the beach to be traipsed through the house.  A swimming pool provides endless hours of entertainment and a great place for parties and get togethers.  However, there are a large number of drowning’s, injuries and deaths each year.  It is not just children, but also adults and pets.  Pool safety is the number one most important aspect to focus on when using the swimming pool. Take a look at our top pool safety add-ons you can do before the summer heat hits.

  1. Pool fence- there are many ways to make a swimming pool safe and it is required by the state of Florida to implement at least one.  One way is a pool fence around the exterior of the pool.  According to the Florida Statues, 515.29 Residential swimming pool barrier requirements, the fence must be at least 4 feet high and no gaps or openings.  Click on the link above for more specifics. 
  2. Alarm- a pool fence can be expensive so some homeowners opt for alarms.  Alarms on windows and doors leading to the pool is one option.  Another great option is a pool alarm in the swimming pool. This alarm makes a sound when someone or something (like a pet) enters the pool. There are a variety of alarm systems and you can search online to find one that works for you and your family in Clermont, The Villages or Orlando area. 
  3. Teach your children how to swim.  Teaching children at a young age how to swim can cut the amount of accidents down significantly.  Children who do not know how to swim should use flotation devices and have an adult with them at all times.  It takes one second to turn your head for a person (or pet) to drown. If you are not sure how to teach your child how to swim, search for swim schools in the Clermont, The Villages or Orlando area. 
  4. Buddy system- teaching your children, guests, and adults to use the buddy system when swimming is very important.  Accidents happen such as running and slipping, hitting the head on the pool or bottom, getting too close to a drain or through horseplay.  It is imperative the homeowner set rules with the family and guests and everyone is supervised at all times.  Accidents often happen due to lack of supervision. 
  5. CPR trained- if you are CPR trained, you can save a life.  Encourage those who are old enough to get CPR trained.  You can search for CPR Certification in Clermont, The Villages and Orlando areas and make sure the pool is enjoyed safely all year long. 

Pool Inspections in Orlando, Clermont, & The Villages FL.

Atkinson Inspection can do a pool inspection during your home inspection, or annual maintenance inspection. If you more interested about making your pool safe this summer season, give us a call or email!

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