Are you selling your home? More than likely your potential buyer will request a home inspection before they purchase. The typical inspection period is about 10-15 days. Furthermore, this period is when a lot of contracts cancel!

As a seller, how can you prepare your home for an inspection so this does not happen? Let’s take a look with some home inspection tips for sellers!

Tip #1: Updating the outdated.

One of the biggest reasons people back out of a contract is because the home has outdated items that have not been maintained. This is your time to think about updating or cleaning up certain items. So what should you update? Take a look at this old house timeline of issues from Waypoint Property Inspection. Then, see if anything in there might be of concern with your home based on your house’s age.

If items are not maintained, your can easily lose a contract or lose money on the deal. Take some time to truly think about this from the buyer’s side. Ask yourself these questions:

Can my buyer get insurance with what I have?

  • Has my electrical been updated properly?
  • Do I have any plumbing leaks?
  • Do I have any roof leaks?
  • Does my A/C work properly?

Even little items like wiring not properly placed in a protective conduit can limit insurance policies!

Once you have gone through the list from Waypoint Property Inspection noted above, and all items you can fix, are adjusted to the best of your ability move on from this section.

Tip #2: Make it Pretty

A home inspection should be treated just like a showing; your house should be clean and free from dishes or junk. Think of this way, you need to impress the inspector so he/she thinks this house will be easy! Changing this attitude will help him/her stop “digging” for issues or write up unnecessary items. This can include:

  • Damaged walls
  • Electrical panels non-accessible
  • Under sinks not accessible
  • Garage unaccessible

If your house is not painted, caulked, and free of junk you risk the inspector writing it up in the report which in return makes your buyer more concerned. You want that report to be as thin as possible. Moreover, you want the inspector’s attitude towards the house as good as possible.

You can also view how to make a house pretty for inspector by using this checklist.

Tip #3: Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection

This may sound like inspectors are asking for money, but honestly, 95% of the time, the seller will receive their couple hundred dollar investment on the transaction!

The average buyer saves $14,000 from the home inspection. Wouldn’t you much rather save that money yourself?!

Getting a pre-listing inspection can not only put that money back in your pocket, but you could also use a report to help market your property to sell the home faster.

If you are looking for a home inspector, check out our article on how to choose a home inspector.

Concluding Home Inspection Tips for Sellers

I hope you have found this resource useful. With anything, the more you plan, prepare, and do items yourself the more you get out of it. So although, fixing items, purchasing a pre-listing inspection, or doing research on your home is tedious, it will pay off.

If you have more questions on home inspection tips for sellers so you can pass that dreaded home inspection, comment below!

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