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What Temperature Is Too Hot To Water Grass?

By February 9, 2023Landscaping
Always remember to limit your water usage on the lawn when it is too hot.

One of the many areas that homeowners must deal with is the landscaping of their homes. Whether it is watering the lawn, cutting the grass, trimming the trees, or adding new flowers, landscaping can become a busy task. Additionally, getting to understand how your grass responds to water and temperatures is important to maintain a green lawn. What temperature is too hot to water grass? As soon as the temps hit 95 degrees Fahrenheit, you might as well wait on watering the lawn.

Let’s take a look below at some more details regarding lawn watering and high temperatures.

When Is The Best Time To Water My Lawn?

When it comes to the summer months and watering your lawn, you want to be cognizant of the temperatures each day. Consequently, if the temperatures reach 95 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, you will want to avoid watering your lawn. Keep in mind, your water from the sprinkler system will evaporate off the grass so quickly, that it will not have time to seep into the root system. To avoid this issue, there are some recommended watering times during the day. Let’s take a look below at what those might be.

Early Morning Watering

Keeping in mind that during the morning hours, your temperatures are cooler and there is less wind. So, anytime before 9 am it is great to water your lawn. This avoids any strong winds from blowing the rain into the air and helps it evaporate quickly.

Early Evening Watering

It is a good idea to consider watering your lawn between the hours of 4pm and 6pm. For most homeowners, this is an ideal time to set up their irrigation system to. The reason for this is that it gives the grass a chance to dry before it gets dark out. Also, drying the grass before it gets dark allows it to avoid being damp overnight, which promotes disease in your lawn. Additionally, a moist lawn overnight will attract a variety of insects that are seeking moisture.

If you water the lawn when it is too hot the water will not have time to get down into the roots. It simply dries up that fast.

How Often Should I Water My Lawn When It’s Hot?

Believe it or not, your lawn needs one and a half inches of water every week during the summer months. It is highly recommended that you spread out your watering schedule so that the water has time to seep into the ground and reach the roots of the grass. Also, if you do not provide your lawn with 1 and 1/2 inches of water the grass will begin to wilt as it dries out and becomes weak.

Be sure to divide your watering schedule to about a 1/2 inch of water three times a week so that your grass can soak up the water and your lawn’s root system has time to take hold. Additionally, the lawn can avoid disease and drought by having time to soak in the water and not be left with excess moisture.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you are aware of when it is too hot to water your lawn, make sure to also read up on why it is bad to overwater the yard. In many cases, over-irrigation of the yard can keep the soil to moist and attract insects and mold growth.

Next, most homeowners get excited when their landscaping is green and plush. It adds extra curb appeal to the home and makes your investment really stick out. Consequently, if you haven’t read up on the environmental benefits of green landscaping, then be sure to do so.

Lastly, it is important to know that your landscaping can also act as a buffer for keeping water away from your foundation. Creating a landscaping layout properly sloped will allow water from rain runoff to flow away from the home. This is particularly important as you don’t want the water to run into your home and cause damage.

It is recommended that you water your lawn in the early morning or early evening when the temperature isn't so hot.

When Do I Call A Professional?

If you happen to have an irrigation system, the first thing you can do is set your zone timer to come on during the recommended times for watering. You wouldn’t want the water coming on at 2pm in the afternoon when the temperatures are extremely hot. Also, if you aren’t sure how to set your irrigation system timers, reach out to your local irrigation specialist. Additionally, if you do not know of one, call on your local home inspection team. They can refer you to a local reputable irrigation specialist.


When it comes to watering your lawn it is important to follow certain guidelines. You do not have to stress your lawn and overwater it, or even water at bad times. The hotter the day becomes the less likely water will get into the roots of your grass. Consequently, it is best to wait on watering during the times listed above. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your local home inspection team to get some landscaping tips that can benefit your entire home. Reach out to Atkinson Inspection Services can inspect your landscaping when performing a home inspection in Orlando, Clermont, and the Villages.