Home inspection cost varies by state and the inspector. For instance, an area/state that has larger homes the total fee may be more. Furthermore, if an inspector is more experienced and offers more services you may also find the cost to be higher than the average. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but you can expect to pay around $400 for JUST the home inspection for the average-sized home. As a home buyer, you should consider your additional expenses with the home inspection.

Florida Home Inspection Cost

There are many other attributes of the inspection process that can affect your total fee, all of which, you should consider. Since we are a Florida based home inspection company, we are going to focus on Florida inspection add-ons and pricing.

Home Inspection Add-Ons

Every home inspector you call should offer or suggest add-ons with the general home inspection. It is important to discuss your worries and choices with your Realtor and the inspection company. For instance, if you have a child with allergy issues, you may want to add on mold testing. On the other hand, if you are purchasing a newer home, mold testing may not be worth the money. Below, are add-ons almost every home buyer should consider when purchasing a home inspection.

Wind Mitigation

The wind mitigation is required by home owners insurance and should ALWAYS be completed when you are purchasing a home. In almost all cases, the wind mitigation costs between $50-$100 with the home inspection and you will definitely make your return on that investment.

In rare cases, if you do not receive any home insurance discounts on your wind mitigation inspection just tell your home inspector. A highly rated home inspection company will usually just refund your money for the wind mitigation since it did not save you any money.


A four-point inspection add-on is another insurance required inspection. This is a limited examination of the roof, electrical, plumbing, and A/C that has a separate reporting procedure strictly for insurance companies. The four-point is required on homes older than 30 years, however, with some insurance companies the four point can be required as soon as 10 years of age. Pricing for a four-point with a home inspection is about the same as a wind mitigation: $50-$100.

Wood Destroying Organism Inspection

A Wood Destroying Organism Inspection (WDO) otherwise known as a termite inspection is HIGHLY recommended on wood framed homes and most concrete block built homes. The add-on for this inspection is typically $75-$200 depending on the size of the home. The average cost for a WDO would be around $95. Some home inspection companies do not supply WDO inspections, but can refer you to a company the know/trust.

Total Home Inspection Cost in Florida

After going over the additional inspections with a home inspection it is easy to see that the total fee for a home inspection is much more than previously quoted. Your Realtor should inform you about these additional inspections so you can budget properly. By the end of your add-ons, it would be recommended to budget about $500 for the home inspection for your average sized home. If your home is much larger, or you are wanting additional testing like Radon, Mold, or Water Testing, then you can expect the fee to increase into the $700’s. Ultimately, it depends on your needs, the home, and what you are willing to spend.

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