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Challenger GFCI Breaker Recall

By July 27, 2020October 19th, 2020Electrical Panels
Challenger Panel Board

GFCI breakers are for circuits with outlets near water sources. Usually located in areas such as laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, they protect consumers from electrocution and electric shock. In addition, they provide protection from electrical overload and also found in the electrical service panel in the home. Incidentally, in 1988 and then again in 2004, a recall was issued by Challenger Electrical Equipment Corporation for 15 and 20-ampere type HAGF single-pole ground-fault circuit-interrupter (GFCI) circuit breakers.  How do you know if these are in your electrical service panel? Let’s take a look at some questions you may have about the Challenger GFCI breaker recall.

1. My Home Was Built After February 1998, Do I Have This?

Homes built after February 1998 may have the affected HAGF circuit breakers. Consequently, they may also be in residential homes that had electrical work done since that time.  Take a look below for the specifications of the Challenger GFCI breaker recall and what to look for.

2. What Can Happen if I Have The Recalled Challenger GFCI Breaker?

A mechanical part can become detached and the ground fault feature might not work. Also, if there is an electrical overload, the Challenger GFCI breaker won’t “trip.” As a result, the outlets won’t work in the home in the affected areas.

GFCI Circuit Breaker recall

3. What Am I Looking For In the Electrical Panel?

1. Go to your electrical panel and look at the door.

2. Look for the word, “Challenger” on the door or on the inside of the door/panel. If you find it, you may have the recalled breakers. Therefore, look for the following:

a. The word “test” will be in yellow on one side

b. The other side on the handle has the numbers 15 or 20 in white

c. If the numbers 15 and 20 are in white and they are located in between the “On” and “Off” buttons, then you have the recalled breaker.

However, if the numbers are black or the label has white lettering next to the word “test”, then no need to replace it.

4. What If I Am Not Sure?

An electrician can check your electrical service panel to see if you have these circuit breakers. He/she can help you with the recall and the replacement. In summary, test the GFCI’s monthly in your home and make sure they work.

Did you find this type of GFCI in your home? Or do you have questions about the recall? Drop us a line and we would be glad to help!