What is a 4 point Inspection and Is It Required for My Home?

Buying a home is overwhelming, a long process and can be mind-boggling. Questions you may ask yourself, “Do I need a home inspection? Or do I only need a 4 point inspection ? Which one is required?”  Many terms fly around that don’t make sense to the average person. Four point inspection is one term that is often confused with home inspection. They are very different terms and have different requirements. 

A home inspection takes a few hours and is an inspection of the entire home, while a 4 point inspection is about 20-30 minutes and covers four areas. Those four areas are: HVAC System (air conditioning), Electrical, Plumbing, and Roof and Structure. One inspection cannot be substituted for the other. In Clermont, Orlando and The Villages areas, how do you know if you need a 4 point inspection? Let’s find out.

How old is the house you are selling or would like to purchase? As of September 2018, the state of Florida requires homes that are 30 years old or older to have a 4 point inspection. Some insurance companies may require it for younger homes.  The insurance company wants to make sure that the house has been maintained and repairs have been made so the next owner has peace of mind. With all the storms that come through Clermont, Orlando, and The Villages areas, it is a good idea to have this done before the house is listed on the market. This will entice prospective buyers, as they know it is one less step they need to do, but also they know that these four areas are all in good working condition. 

What will be checked? Let’s take a look:

  1. HVAC- the inspector will be looking for the working condition of the air and heat systems, as well as any damage around the units. 
  2. Electrical- the inspector will be looking to see if there are any unsafe or exposed electrical wiring, as well as aluminum wiring.
  3. Plumbing- areas such as the water heater, sink drains, and drainage systems will be checked. 
  4. Roof and Structure- does it have at least 3-5 years left when it is inspected? If yes, that is great! It will also be thoroughly inspected and attention will be paid to whether it has leaks or any damage and the years left will be assessed. 

While the inspector is in the home, he/she will take pictures of the four areas, as well as fill out a form that is a few pages in length and it will be turned over to you for submission to the homeowner’s insurance company. The insurance company will then submit it to underwriting for approval. 

You might look at this as the insurance company is “trying to get me.” However, that is not entirely the case. This inspection can help you as a future buyer to find the issues before they become big-ticket repairs. It can also help the seller take care of repairs before the house is listed for sale. 

Contact Atkinson Inspection Services, Inc. and we can conduct a four-point service for you! We have been inspecting homes for over 20 years and we proudly serve Clermont, The Villages and Orlando areas. We are here to help!

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