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How To Remove Floor Glue

By December 29, 2023Flooring
how to remove floor glue

Navigating home maintenance can often feel like an endless journey, especially when it comes to updating or changing your flooring. One of the most daunting tasks? Needing to remove the stubborn floor glue left behind.

Whether it is vinyl flooring that was glued down or your carpet that had a glued underlying, you will want a plan before getting started. In this article, we’ll cover everything from project prep to ongoing maintenance, ensuring your next home adventure starts and ends on the right foot.

Why Remove Excess Floor Glue?

Understanding the ‘why’ is as important as the ‘how.’ Excess floor adhesive can create uneven surfaces, leading to issues with new flooring installations. It can also attract dirt and degrade the quality and aesthetics of your flooring over time. Ensuring a clean, smooth surface is fundamental for the longevity and stability of your new flooring.

Preparation and What You’ll Need

Before we dive into the steps to remove that floor glue, let’s ensure you’re fully equipped for the task at hand. Gather the following tools and materials:

Safety tip: Always work in a well-ventilated area and wear protective gear when handling chemicals.

How and why to remove floor glue from older flooring

Step by Step: How to Remove Floor Adhesive

  • Floor Removal: Start by carefully removing the existing carpet, hardwood planks, or vinyl flooring.
  • Scraping the Glue: Apply your chosen adhesive remover and gently scrape away the glue with a hand-held scraper.
  • Cleaning Up: Sweep or vacuum the loose particles to keep your workspace clean.
  • Applying Solutions: Mix a cleaning solution of bleach or soap with water and mop the area to remove residue.
  • Drying Out: Let the floor dry overnight and inspect for any rough spots that may need further attention.
  • Final Touches: Use a dry floor grinder with a dust-collecting attachment to sand down stubborn adhesive spots.

Other Recommended Maintenance

With the adhesive gone, your flooring might need a little more TLC to ensure it stands the test of time. It’s important to consider the acclimation process for your new flooring. New vinyl and hardwood floors must acclimate to your home’s climate. Take this time before laying down your new floors to familiarize yourself with the specific needs of your chosen material!

Understanding the durability and life expectancy of flooring options can also guide your maintenance schedule. For example, epoxy lasts long in busy areas, but laminate may need more care. Choose flooring that suits your lifestyle and upkeep ability.

Lastly, addressing any irregularities in your floors, such as squeaks or subtle movements, can prevent minor issues from becoming major problems. These sounds and sensations often stem from natural shifts in the home or the breakdown of the underlayer, not necessarily structural issues. Quick attention to these details not only preserves the integrity of your flooring but also ensures a comfortable and safe living environment.

Hiring a professional may help to properly remove the floor glue

When Do I Call A Professional?

When it comes to removing floor glue, this isn’t the most exciting project. Unless you are a homeowner that can be down on your hands and knees scrapping away with your putty knife, it is best to call a professional.

It might also be best to consult a professional if you’re facing extensive areas, particularly stubborn adhesives, or if you have health concerns that make the physical nature of the job unfeasible. Experts bring not only their muscle but also their knowledge of the latest techniques and materials, ensuring that the job is done efficiently and effectively. They have the specialized tools that can make short work of even the most tenacious glues and can often foresee complications before they become problematic.


To sum it up, a floor adhesive removal journey can transform your space and set the stage for stunning new floors. Armed with the right techniques and know-how, you’re ready to tackle this challenge head-on. With a clean slate beneath your feet, your home’s aesthetic and overall value are set to rise. For a professional inspection of your flooring, foundation, or any other part of your home, reach out to Atkinson Inspection Services today.