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home inspection

What is a kick plate
Home Maintenance

What Is A Kick Plate?

Protecting your home and enhancing its durability is an ongoing task for any homeowner. One simple, effective way to do this is by installing a kick plate on your doors. It safeguards your doors from…
Duane Atkinson
January 4, 2024
how to remove floor glue

How To Remove Floor Glue

Navigating home maintenance can often feel like an endless journey, especially when it comes to updating or changing your flooring. One of the most daunting tasks? Needing to remove the stubborn floor glue left behind.…
Duane Atkinson
December 29, 2023
drill into stucco

How to Drill into Stucco

Are you looking to mount a new light fixture, hang decorative art, or install some outdoor security cameras on your stucco exterior? If so, you've likely realized that stucco isn't as straightforward to drill into…
Duane Atkinson
December 21, 2023
how to test a gfci outlet

How To Test a GFCI Outlet

Electrical safety is important to keep in mind for every home, and GFCI outlets are at the forefront of preventing electrical hazards. Knowing how to test a GFCI outlet is an important safety skill to…
Duane Atkinson
December 11, 2023